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Psalm 118:24

“This is the day the LORD has made;

let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

How can the word ”GRATEFUL” come out of my sister Widget’s mouth upon waking up from major surgery last October after hearing that you have stage 3C Ovarian Cancer! Yet over and over she kept saying “I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful “! We all just thought she was groggy and delirious from anesthesia! All of her scans showed she had liamyasarcoma which can’t be treated with chemo. GRATEFULLY Widget could be treated!

Last Christmas I found the perfect gift for Widget, a mug and plate with GRATEFUL written in gold on it. She still

drinks from it almost everyday .

March 5 my sister completed her last chemo and today I am happy to say she is Disease Free! Widget is back playing tennis, walking her dogs, going to Bible Study, traveling with her amazing husband and soulmate, John , and simply living life to the fullest!

Daily she crochets Prayer Shawls to give to others who are starting their arduous cancer journey to bring them comfort and peace just as the shawl Widget received did for her 🙏

She says she is GRATEFUL every day that God gives her and that each second and minute she breathes is a Gift From God!

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