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Bouquet Of Blessings

One of the greatest joys of being the author of an inspirational book is that many share their prayer needs and trust me with their hearts. The Amazing stories of people’s lives, their challenges, and their joys and how “Still Before The Dawn” is encouraging them, has made writing the book so worthwhile.

Recently I received a call from a local store asking if I was available to personalize a lady’s book. Usually I just meet and sign at the store but after hearing the woman’s story, my heart was heavy and I wanted to connect with her in person. We finally met up at Panera . For over an hour I listened to the devastating story of how her nephew was murdered three years earlier. With tears and a heavy heart for the family, I personalized a book for her brother and sister in law on the day they lost their only child. As I sat there listening, God reminded me once again why HE CALLED me to write “Still Before The Dawn”! Then she asked about my needs. I shared the story of my sister Widget’s OvarianCancer Journey and she makes prayer shawls to comfort others . At that point this dear lady handed me some money so Widget can buy more yarn! After many hugs and thank yous, I said goodbye to my new friend! What a sweet amazing time we had together!

The next day the most beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived at my doorstep! What a sweet surprise! As a thank you for my time and for the blessing of the book she wanted to send a “Bouquet of Blessings” my way 🙏

Little did my new friend know that her act of kindness was the encouragement that I needed for the day

“The Lord’s loving kindness indeed never cease; His compassion never fails. They are new every morning. GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS “Lamentations 3:22-23

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