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J-O-Y In A Box

"Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord's people." Philemon 1:7

The doorbell rang and there stood our mailman holding a large box with my name on it. It wasn't your typical address label. My name was written in a calligraphy form. Who was this from and what was in this mystery box? It was past Mother's Day and my birthday wasn't until July, so probably not a gift from one of my kids, so then WHO was this from? Finally I looked at the return label, also written in calligraphy. It said Megan but I didn't know who this was. Since my book, STILL BEFORE THE DAWN was published eight months ago, I have received numerous sweet notes in the mail, texts, emails, and Facebook messages telling me how God is using the book in there lives and what it means to them. Never had I received a package!!!

My suspense what growing inside so I quickly ripped into the box! I was amazed at what I found; a huge journal with my happy Lilly colors, a tervis tumbler also in the pretty pink pattern and a beautiful scarf with the Proverbs 31 Bible verse written on it. I could not stop smiling and thanking God for these three beautiful gifts in the mystery box. Who was the sender of this most generous gift?? Then I found her note.........


I just wanted to say "thank you" for the gift of your book. As I unpacked all of my college memories, I found your book and sat down to read it. As I read each poem, I was reminded of the Lord's endless grace and mercy. It was wonderful.

To show my appreciation of your kind gift, I included a few items.

*a journal for your quiet times

*a cup for a refreshing glass of sweet tea

*a scarf with PROVERBS 31 on it

You are such a breath of fresh air and I pray the Lord would continue to bless you and your family.



Yes, I did remember this sweet friend of John David's from Gardner Webb. A few weeks back I met Megan at JD's Senior Communications Portfolio night. Her amazing display was directly across from his and it stood out from all the rest. She had candy, popcorn and water bottles all with a beautiful colorful label in calligraphy. Then I remembered John David told me she carved for each kid in the class a personalized name plate out of a block of wood . Always with a smile on her face, Megan was like a magnet as the kids and parents flocked to her display. Everyone loved her! Due to her happy spirit I kept wanting to call her JOY. Before I left to go back to Hilton Head, John David asked if I would personalize a few books for classmates who were graduating from GWU and Megan was one of them.

After reading her note I had tears in my eyes. A few days after receiving my package , I met this nice couple at a party, "Dale and Frankie". I told them my story about the mystery box. They looked at each other, then looked at me and said, "Well that is what I call JOY IN A BOX."

Sweet Megan showed true JOY---Always putting JESUS 1st, OTHERS 2nd, YOURSELF last!

Thank you for sharing His JOY and being such a bright light to this world.

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