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 Doggie Love

Live and learn! You would think after having a dog almost my whole life I would know to NEVER give a dog especially a small dog a cooked yummy fatty pork bone! I figured since it was very large and NOT a chicken bone it was fine! Duh!!!!!

Well after giving our 10 year old CHUG , Shady, his treat, after 10 minutes he was ready to come inside. The bone was nowhere in sight so we figured he did the typical "doggy hide your bone" game. Well, the next morning we had an idea where it was as we continually were cleaning up his mess. He was shaking all over! So sad!

The long and short is after much prayer, and two full days at the vet, 2 X-rays , 2 enigmas and hundreds of dollars later, yes little Shady had eaten the WHOLE big bone! He did NOT want to share this delicacy! 

Thanking God he is cleaned out and NO surgery! So thankful for our great vet and for our precious SHADY!!!

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