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Reflections Of Mama

With Mother's Day rapidly approaching, happy memories of my amazing Mama are continually on my heart.  May 2014 was the last Mother's Day (her favorite holiday) I spent with her and I remember it like it was yesterday. She had always wanted to go on a cruise with all four of her girls so in April off we went on our Caribbean Cruise. None of us really knew how sick she was on the trip as our incredibly strong Mama kept her pain to herself. What a blast we had! It was her dream come true with her girls and the trip of a lifetime. A few months later the Lord took her to Heaven August 2.


From now until Mother's Day I will post pictures, memories, prose I wrote and gave to Mama, some of my greeting card submissions to Dearcards( an Inspirational Greeting Card Company I have written for since 2009) and the two Mother's Day cards published with Dearcards(written specifically for her). She loved  reading and receiving my writings  and a few weeks before she went to be with the Lord I promised her I would compile my poems into a book and dedicate my book to her. She is smiling down from Heaven and enjoying STILL BEFORE THE DAWN! 


Please enjoy as I celebrate my dear sweet Mama, Jann Bennett!



Mama, you taught me

To clean my room,

Scrub the walls

Use a broom.


Mama, you taught me

Southern manners right,

Yes sir, no ma’am

How to be polite.


Mama, you taught me

About “love” the best,

You’re my Mama Dearest

Better than all the rest!

                   By Jody Reichel

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13  




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