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Celebration of Mama

Written 4:15 a.m.

Yes I do still wake up in these wee hours when I get that nudge from the Lord!!! Well, I got it today before the dawn knowing this day was SPECIAL, Mama's 87th Birthday!!

"My Dear Mama, my gift to you is your dream for me, God's Great Masterpiece, STILL BEFORE THE DAWN . As I said at my Book Debut Celebration, with the book being dedicated to you, I know you are smiling down from Heaven and singing and dancing, with the angels!"

To Celebrate my Mama I will post a few writings this week to reflect her life and my memories with her. Some are writings that I wrote and gave for her birthday or Mother's Day and Dearcards published, some poems were longer that I would frame and give to her for different occasions. These are poems that are not in my new book STILL BEFORE THE DAWN but meant a lot to her. The 1st writing I'll post is REFLECTIONS ,was written for her birthday. Please enjoy as I celebrate Mama's life.


As I reflect the days gone by

I always think of you,

From the day I came to be

Your number three after your two.

You wanted a boy, that I was not

But this special name was given to me,

My Dutch name sake forever I’ll treasure

Your little Johanna I’d always be.

I could not help my baby girl ways

Purses, hats, dresses, and such,

A little too prissy your baby girl was

All the dollies were a bit too much.

You decided to toughen me up

Soon swimming and tennis became real,

My dollies and purses faded away

An athletic girl, I soon came to feel.

Vacations for me in the summers did go

No camps only swim meets galore,

Mom, you as the coach and friend to all

Made our summers mean a whole lot more.

Off to college, for some tennis and fun

Just weeks later I want to come home,

“Please Mama, this college is not for me”

You must mature, and you’re never alone.

Grow up time and with eyes opened wide

Many good and bad things I did learn,

After four fun filled years at two different schools

A college degree to teach I finally earned.

A little shadow Jody still was

To my mama even after this time,

Teaching close to home, just a short drive

I got to see you so no more whines!

Slow to mature but it finally came

At 25 I met my dream man,

God brought to me His greatest gift

HE soon unfolded His plan.

Hilton Head, marriage, and then came kids

Close to my Mama I still got to be,

You helped raise and birth my four

An incredible Mema they got to see.

As I look across our beautiful ocean

The great sea seems to go on and on,

Like our lives time never stands still

For in Christ life is finally won.

Close to the shore I see the small waves

Rolling themselves in and out,

Just like my reflections of days gone by

Sweet memories of you all about.

The laughter, fun, tears, and the joy

Are reflections that spread on the shore,

Many are the blessings you've been to me

They keep rolling with the waves even more.

Forever dear Mama I will always be

Your little shadow with dollies and such,

Mature, growing older, time moving along

Each moment, JOY, HIS Heavenly touch.

I love you Mama!

Happy Birthday,



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